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A Georgian Anthology was published in November 2019 and is available on Amazon and elsewhere.

One of the Three-Line Variations in Letters Of Introduction was the basis for an improvisation by The Hermes Experiment in a concert at Cafe Oto in June 2019.

Letters Of Introduction was published in October 2018 and is available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Revised editions of Andrew's first ten books were published in June 2018 and are available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Playful Poems was published in March 2018 and is available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Cabaret And Classical, about the Ukrainian musicians Dakh Daughters and Valentin Silvestrov, was in the Kalyna Review.

The Beauty Of Psyche was reviewed at the indie e-book review.

Harriet And Hector was highly commended in the 2010 Strokestown International Poetry Prize.

He Compares The Blue Of His Beloved’s Eyes was commended in the Poetry on the Lake Competition 2010.